Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Every Tuesday I have the privilege of going to Piper High School and meeting with the students who run their 1st Priority Campus Ministry.  It's a student led organization that exists to spread the message of Jesus to school campuses. (

Last Tuesday was Valentines day, so I had prepared a message that touched on God's love that I was going to share with the students.  Well, God had other plans, and as usual, they were awesome.  

It turns out that two of the high school students in the 1st Priority club had spent some time in prayer the previous week.  They prayed for God to give them an idea, a practical way that they could show and remind Piper High School that they were loved.  

The weekend before Valentine's Day, instead of going to the beach, hanging at the mall or going to parties, these two young ladies made over 100 valentines that read, "Happy Valentine's Day.  You are loved.  From your First Priority Club."  Then, on Valentine's Day, they spent every extra second they had in between classes handing out their homemade Valentine's Day cards to every faculty, staff, and teacher at Piper High, regardless of their belief.  

So instead of sharing what I had planned, last Tuesday's 1st Priority meeting was spent hearing stories from these girls and from other faculty members about what they experienced on their mission of love.  I heard story after story of how thankful teachers, custodians, coaches, and even the Principal was to receive these reminders of love.

I don't know what doors these two girls have opened, but I know I can't wait to get back to Piper High School tomorrow afternoon and hear some more incredible stories of what God is doing through the lives of teenagers who are willing to show the love of God in simple, practical ways. 

Thank you Catherine and Ashleen for putting the Kingdom of God first and showing His love to those around you.  

"This is My command, 'Love each other'."
John 15:17

Stay strong

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