Monday, December 14, 2009


Last night my wife and I watched the movie Taken. It's about a man who's daughter is kidnapped and how he puts everything else in his life aside to save her. It was her fault...she didn't listen to her dad...she lied to her dad...she made very poor choices after she was away from her dad...she surrounded herself with poor influencers and listened to them instead of her dad. The good news is that her dad saves her, and displays some pretty sweet moves along the way.

During and after the movie my own daughter was coughing and hacking upstairs. I checked on her a couple times...Mom gave her some medicine. After the movie, I went upstairs and snuggled with her to help her fall asleep. As I laid there next to hear I smiled, thinking about what a blessing she has been to me personally and how wonderful a daughter she is. The times she has thrown fits and screamed out of control didn't come to mind. The times she has disobeyed weren't what I thought about. The time she left her hamster cover loose which allowed Fluffy to escape during the night (She's crying hysterically in the morning...I find Fluffy INSIDE our bathroom wall and have to cut her out with a jigsaw and crowbar) didn't pass through my mind. What I simply thought about was how much I love her...that I would give anything for her. None of the bad stuff mattered as I lay next to her...I simply love her (and selfishly wish I could protect her as cool as Liam Neeson did in the movie).

Romans 5:8 reads, "But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

God has done everything He can to pursue and rescue us from our own sinful choices. We choose to not listen to Him. We choose to leave Him. We choose to surround ourselves with ungodly influencers and appease them rather than God. Eventually, we are all guilty of sin and in desperate need of rescue. God didn't wait for us to figure everything out first and then love us. He pursued us...He made a way for perfection, love, and forgiveness.

Take some time to meditate on God's love...think about how incredible it is that He not only claims to love you but He proves it through action and sacrifice. You are His Sons and Daughters. God has made a way to rescue you...He can wipe out your sin for all eternity. Will you accept His love?

Stay strong.