Sunday, February 12, 2012

DWR: Do What's Right

David is an amazing dude.  In the book of 1 Samuel, we are introduced to him in chapter 16 as a boy watching sheep.  From there, he simply puts his faith in God and does what's right for the next several chapters.  That list of right includes:
  • Protecting sheep by beating down the bears and lions that tried to take them
  • Providing food for his older brothers in the military
  • Beating down a foreign warrior champion who dared trash talk his God
  • Calming a distressed and anxious king with some sweet harp-work
  • Leading military regiments to victory after victory
  • Eventually leading a group of mighty men to ridiculous amounts of victories
  • Serving a king that didn't make sense
  • Obeying his rulers...especially his God
In 1 Samuel 19, King Saul (now focused on himself instead of the God he was supposed to be serving) tries to kill David.  This goes on, even though David has done nothing but serve King Saul and bring honor to him.  David is mistreated, but he doesn't stop doing what he knows is right.

1 Samuel 24 is incredible.  Saul is now so miss focused and driven by jealousy that he has ordered his army that should be guarding the nation and battling the enemy (Philistines, Amalekites, etc.) to pursue and kill his loyal servant David.  David is literally running for his life with a loyal company of soldiers (still winning victories for the nation of Israel and King Saul) while King Saul and his army pursue him!  In 1 Samuel 24, David and his men are hiding deep in a cave, and Saul and his army pass by.  King Saul goes into the cave that David is using to hide in order to relieve himself.

Now was David's chance.  Saul was a tough warrior, but talk about being vulnerable!  David was an elite and highly skilled soldier.  This was an easy kill.  Saul had taken him for granted, mistreated him, and tried to wrongly kill him on numerous occasions.  Now was his chance for sweet revenge...for justice...time to end this stupidity once and for all!

Even David's loyal warriors were encouraging him to end this ridiculous wild goose chase.  They were tired of running...tired of hiding.  They knew who was the better leader.  They knew who was worthy of following.  They had made their decision, and now they all chimed in, encouraging their warrior leader to end this dance and take his rightful place as king.  They even offered to do this for David.

1 Samuel 24:7, "So David restrained his men and did not let them kill Saul."

David did the right thing.  Even though everyone around him was telling him to do something that made sense...even though Saul was a selfish puppet-king who had rejected God long ago...even thought he had every reason to kill Saul...David did what was right.  He honored God and showed mercy, grace, and love in the face of reason.

This week, all of us will face choices.  Some will be simple.  Some will be tough.  Will we listen to what the world says or display the love of God to those around us?  Will we simply choose to do what's right?

David had plenty of advice.  He followed his heart and obeyed God, even when it didn't make sense according to the world around him.

Choose to Do What's Right (DWR).  Honor God.  Stay strong.

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