Thursday, November 18, 2010

selfishness stinks

Man, Satan sure is good at focusing us on us. As a dad, teaching to focus on others before self is something I'm desperately trying to teach my children. But it's so easy (and fun) to consider self first.

Materialistically speaking: well, there's a lot of cool stuff out there. How many people are suffering from financial difficulty today because they are not able to say no to their own wants and desires. If you're one of those people...I'm right there with you. It's tough to say no. Well, it can be easy. "Hey, there's a Ferrari. Guess I'm gonna pass this time." Yeah, but what about one little meal out here or one little trinket there. What logic do you end up using to convince yourself it's all right to get it. "C'mon. I work hard. I deserve this one little thing." Boom...focused on self.

Physically speaking: Man, this could be a long paragraph. How about eating disorders, marital unfaithfulness, alcoholism and other addictive behaviors. This list could go on forever. The bottom line, all of these things start with the whole "It feels so good" type deal. How many families are decimated because people focus on themselves in this category. Oh, and what about buying stuff to look good. See above paragraph. Or surgery to look like you want. Ok...I'll I said, this could be a long paragraph.

Emotionally speaking: Ever feel like you're treated unfairly when you really aren't. What about a job review that's tough and critical...ever sat through one of those? What's your first reaction when you are challenged? You might be able to control your outside words, but what about your thoughts? "They don't know how hard I really work! I could go work somewhere else. I deserve a promotion. This isn't fair! I deserve better than this!" There it is again...self focus.

Spiritually speaking: Have you ever been fed up with your church because you're not getting anything out of it? Do I need to go any further? Who are you focused on?

It's so easy, and it seems harmless. However, the bottom line is the more Satan can get us to focus on us the less we are going to be focused on God and serving Him by serving those around us.

1 Corinthians 10:24, "Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others."

I believe that if everyone truly obeyed this verse, everyone would be taken care of. Think about a society with no homeless, starving, or unloved people. Pretty powerful. Look out for each other. Serve like Christ did. Stay strong.