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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tie the knot

I love fishing, but it sure can get expensive. Boats/Motors are very expensive. Gas is expensive. Sunglasses can be expensive. Bait can cost a lot. Rods and reels can be incredibly expensive (I still have my first reel...the good ol Zebco 33...prices sure have gone up since then!). This list can be neverending. Bass Pro Shops fishing catalog is gigantic and filled with "must haves" in order to catch that next big one.

Here's the can spend all the money in the world, but if you don't know how to tie a good knot, you're wasting your time. You can have the most expensive boat with the latest and greatest GPS & depthfinder electronics...fastest, most powerful motor...all the right gear, and if you can't tie a good knot, you won't catch one fish all day (unless you use the good ol' boy "dynamite" method...not recommended). It's all about the've got to start there!

For centuries, people have been figuring out how to be a Christ follower. It saddens me to see all the different ways people have "figured out" and "discovered" how to get to heaven. Saying the right things, wearing the right things, being in the right buildings, having the right stuff...this list could go on for a long time too.

Here's the basic, bottom line that we too often forget in the hustle and bustle of our oftentimes overly religious society...Jesus looked person after person in the eye and simply said, "Follow me." Deep, transforming, powerful...that statement is revolutionary, if we obey it.

Jesus knows your life, this society. He knows what it takes to get to heaven and doesn't ask anyone to do anything unreasonable. He simply asks us to do what He has already done & experienced.

Take some time to search your heart. Have you gotten caught up in what the world says following Jesus looks like or are you focused on Him? Make sure you have a solid foundation in Christ and Christ alone. Tie the knot...Follow Him!

Stay strong,

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