Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boston Marathon...part 2

Boston, Massachusetts is an absolutely beautiful city. What an awesome past few days.

First of all, my brother-in-law Kirk Davis got married to an amazing young lady. Maura, you are awesome. Welcome to the family. Your laugh, smile, and love of life are infectious. Thank you for being so optimistic and full of joy. You make everyone around you better. Never stop smiling.

We all got dressed up for the wedding. Caleb was an usher, and Jude was one of the ringbearers. They both were super pumped and did an awesome job.

My beautiful wife Heather was actually a "groomsman." I guess officially she was a "groomswoman." Whatever her title...she looked awesome, and so did my daughter Kiara, the flower-girl.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library. The building was immense, filled with centuries of history. In the middle of all the volumes, rooms, and history, we happened across our favorite author's name mosaic-ed into one of the domes in the ceilings just to the right of the entryway.

Pretty sweet huh?

The wedding was Friday night, but Kirk and Maura hung out on Saturday to see everyone before flying off this morning to Paris, France for the honeymoon. We had dinner reservations for pizza on Saturday night, which gave us Saturday to do some exploring. We loaded up the kids and Mom and Dad Davis and went hiking the Freedom Trail through Boston. The freedom trail is a multi-mile hike through the city of Boston that takes you to several historic sights. You get to see a huge part of our nation's history...from Paul Revere's house to the church where the two lanterns were hung to let Paul know the British were coming. The trail is marked with a double brick path that takes you to all the historic sights.

One of the cool things along the trail is that in the middle of all the stops you see all kinds of different people and street performers. Here's a couple people we met that the kids loved. They were jugglers/acrobats and did an awesome job with all kinds of humor and incredible feats of balance...all right there in the square outside of Faneuil Hall. No nets, no safety air mats...this was the real deal. Fun stuff.

Another cool person we met was at our last stop...the Copp's Hill Burying Ground just north of the Old North Church (where the lanterns Paul Revere saw were hung). We got there just as a police officer (Officer Tim) was clearing everyone out to lock up. When he saw my daughter's disappointment with not being able to go in, he told us to wait a minute while he cleared everyone else out. When the gates were locked and it was only us, Officer Tim gave us a private tour of the graveyard, finishing at a couple gravestones that he pointed out the British army used to use as target practice. You can still see a the dents the bullets left in the tombstone. Thanks for the hookup Officer Tim.

What an amazing day touring an amazing city with amazing people. Thank you Mom and Dad Davis for loving us and blessing us with the opportunity to be up here. Thank you Lord for loving and blessing me with an awesome family to share relationships with on this awesome planet.

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